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Underground home garage
in the sea container.

Whether you looking for uncompromised safety or simply for some unusual parking lot for your car, this option might be worth considering. Perfectly concealed garage blends in with the surroundings making it virtually impossible to steal your vehicle. Scissor lift system works both quickly and reliably. Your car is ready to go in about one minute.

Guaranted vehicle safety

Our garage allows you to safely store your valuable vehicle underground. User identification system will deny all unauthorized access attempts. Now you can rest easy.

Easy garage installation

Because garage is made of shipping container it is easy to transport. You can install this ready-made solution within one day.
No concrete foundations needed.

Controlled by smartphone

Now you can control your garage with a swipe of a finger. Dedicated mobile app for Android and IOS turns your smartphone into a remote controller.

Double your parking space.

Top of the garage can be paved and driven over. You can park two cars on a single parking stall. The powerful hydraulic system can simultaneously lift both vehicles. This convenient solution makes maximum use of available space in places where it matters most.

Underground garage installation process.

Prepare the excavation for the container.

The installation process begins with site preparation. Careful examination is important to determine project feasibility as well as compliance with local construction standards.

Put the container underground.

After finished excavations, you need to carefully place container underground. It is important to pay special attention to garage proper orientation.

Finishing works of a container garage.

After successful installation finishing works ensure garage stability. It is essential to test scissor lift in order to determine its proper operation.

Underground garage technical informations

    Car weight

  • 2300 kg for car on lower platform
  • 2300 kg for car on upper platform
    Maximum car dimensions

  • 2100 mm x 5350 mm x 1880 mm
    Water pump efficiency

  • 120 L / min

  • 0,15 m / s

Don’t be affraid about your car safety.

You afraid of water after rain?

The water pump system will pump out the water before the tires can get wet.

Every garage is equipped with efficient pump capable of 120l/m. This system can drain your garage even after the worst deluge. Whole setup is designed to effectively deal with moisture. It ensures perfect conditions for your car inside.

Power shortage will be a problem?

Backup power generator makes sure you always have access to the car.

In emergency situation after power shortage, backup generator will ensure continuous power delivery so your car won’t be trapped inside. In unlikely event of hydraulic failure you can ascend your vehicle thanks to manual system.

Natalia Marczewska
Sales manager

+48 600 969 535

Natalia Marczewska
Sales manager

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