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An innovative solution to easily transport solar farms without the need to assemble on site. It is designed to ensure maximum safety and reliability. Helps you get the most out of your panels.

Auto-foldable Solar Container

Auto-foldable Solar Container.

The most advanced unit in our offer. It is based on standard sea container hence you can ship it anywhere in the world. Because of the folding system, container can be ready within 15 minutes.

Main features of the Solar Container.

Get to know the benefits of Mobile Solar Container. Therefore, you can see for yourself the key advantages of this solution. From the outside, it is just a standard sea container. For the reason that it enables you to place your mobile solar power anywhere you need it most.


Up to 140 m2 solar panels.

Auto foldable Solar Generator is available in two versions. 70m2 unit is based on a standard 20’ sea container. We can double that area in our 140m2 variant mounted on a 40’ container. Ease of transport along with simplicity of operation are certainly the biggest advantages of this device. It is the most convenient solution to transport and use solar panels.


One person can prepare Solar Container in just 15 minutes.

The solar array has never been easier to prepare. With container placed safely on the ground, you only need 15 minutes of preparation to start energy harvesting. Furthermore, only one operator can unfold solar panels using convenient levers or via an optional remote controller.


Sun tracking and auto-folding system.

One of the key functions of Mobile Solar is the ability to track the sun. As a result, it is constantly aligning solar panels to ensure the highest energy yield possible. Perfectly balanced to operate even in windy conditions. In case of stronger winds, system will automatically fold panels to prevent any damage.


Place for battery and inventers inside.

All necessary equipment to ensure proper operation is installed inside a Solar Container. Most noteworthy, our unit is fully self-sufficient even in the most remote locations. You don’t need any external power to operate it. As a result, it’s a great alternative to standard diesel generators.

Mobile solar power is easy in use.

Ready-made solution comes packed with features to ensure easy operation. As a result, you only need to unfold solar panels. Above all, system will automatically align itself to face the sun.

How it is working – step by step.

We provide comprehensive instructions for our customers. Intuitive operation is easy to understand. Below we present four steps to prepare the container.

Solar Container is unloading from truck
Unloading container from truck.

First of all, you need to unload your Mobile Solar Power station. We recommend using our container lifting jacks to sped up the process.

Lifting up solar panels
Lifting solar panels.

After levelling your container on the ground you can begin lifting solar panels. Due to convenient levers, the entire process is smooth and easy.

Unfloding solar panels
Unfolding solar panels.

Electric motors installed on the frame allows you to quickly extend solar panels. No need for manual adjustments.

Solar Container at work
Set the perfect position.

A solar array is automatically adjusted according to the position of the sun. Manual rotation is also possible.

transport icon

Transporting mobile solar power plant.

Thanks to a standard dimension you can ship it as a normal sea container. Optional lifting jacks helps you easily unload the container in remote areas. It’s certainly a big advantage in places where crane is not an option.

Solar Container with manual folding

Solar Container with manual folding.

Fast and flexible solution based on a scissor frame. A vast solar area along with ease of setup makes it a perfect choice for all kinds of emergency and temporary needs.

area icon

Up to 200 m2 solar area.

Lightweight and compact frame allows to install more panels inside the container hence achieve better efficiency.

angle icon

Adjustable angle of solar panels.

The frame is designed in a way to enable you adjustments of solar panels. You can get the maximum performance out of your Mobile Solar Power station.

battery icon

Place for battery and inventers inside.

Mobile Solar can be equipped with batteries or grid-tied only. Everything depends on your needs. There’s certainly enough room for all necessary equipment inside.

transport icon

Easy transport of mobile solar.

The entire construction is designed to ensure maximum stability as well as protection during transport. Thanks to our lifting jacks, the entire process can be even easier.

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