Self-load Platform – Load and unload wihout crane

Main features

  • Hydraulic controled outriggers,
  • Hydraulic diesel generator,
  • Plates for outriggers,
  • Platform is mounted to truck by typical 20′ BDF ISO brick.

Optional features:

  • Product can be open platform, curtain platform, container or sea container,
  • 20′ or 40′ container length,
  • Wire rope winch for car transportation,
  • Ramp for unloading,
  • Wireless remote controler,
  • Power generator,
  • Lights arround platform,
  • Self leveling system.

Usefull for:

  • Transport where there is no ramp or crane access (what generates costs),
  • Car trasportation,
  • Building machines transportation,
  • Transport in hard terrain conditions.

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